Lívia Pataki Memorial Fund for Athletes

Our sports club finds it particularly important, that within the wider Hungarian LGBTQ community, we promote a forthcoming and open framework for all to access our sporting opportunities. We believe that regular exercise, whether as an amateur or professional, promotes a positive impact on our general well-being, particularly in an environment amongst friends where this can be all more enjoyable.

During the summer of 2012, the tragic death of one of our members, Lívia Pataki, inspired the creation of the Lívia Pataki  Memorial Fund, whereby those who face difficult personal financial circumstances can obtain support. Our goal is that the Memorial Fund extends a level of support for our members that despite incidental periods of financial hardship, sporting opportunities of our association could continue to be offered in a friendly and supportive environment.

True sportspersonship...

I know of many selfless and generous athletes. Among them, there could be plenty more that pledge their support to the Lívia Pataki Fund. Although, why is Lívia Pataki the person dedicated to our particular cause? Not because of her tragic departure from our community.
When we think about sport, we usually associate it with competitiveness, success or being better than those around us. Evidently, this is why we compete against others, to measure our own improvements in comparison to others. This is why we score against each other during training sessions because it feels great to win. Nevertheless, sport also has a different aspect. When we battle for those on our own team, whether they are with us on the same or another court or track. When we offer our sincere support to our fellow teammates behind the sidelines. Or when we play because we have a desire to improve and successfully compete against our own goals. Also, when we acknowledge that someone is better than ourselves and we learn from them.
Livi was this kind of athlete. Of course, she also played matches and deservedly won medals and trophies. However, it was the respect she had showed towards her fellow competitors, when she apologised to her opponent on her first match when she triumphed at the end of a great rally. When it was her opponent’s occasion to have such successes, she gave her applause. It took us quite some time to convince her to stop doing this.

Lívia was also a great example of it not mattering when one takes up a new sport or the level of skills we can develop. Lívia didn’t think that one day she would participate in badminton tournaments. Indeed, it never really occurred to her that one day she would play badminton at all. After having encouraged her on countless occasions to join me at a badminton session, she eventually joined and I was hopeful that it would appeal to her and enjoy it. I endeavoured to present my best form and when I glanced back at the benches (hoping for signs of encouragement), I discovered that instead of watching the badminton battles at other courts Livi was reading a (probably very interesting) article in the Chip magazine. Later, it became obvious that she was bored of sitting on the bench and decided to join a game. Very quickly, she became fond of the game and after a little while, she participated in competitions where in four tournaments, she took home six medals.
The medals themselves were just a bonus - her real enjoyment came from being part of a team and supporting her teammates. If anyone ever needed a ride, if the nets needed to be brought along or if anything at all needed organising, she was always someone you could rely on. During the 2012-13 season, she took on the role of section leader along with another member. She put all her effort into promoting the participation of new and existing members, although sadly, she could not see out the end of the season.
If she were among us today, then she would be the first to support the memorial fund for those in need. Hence, this is why the fund proudly bears her name.

We hope that the spirit of generosity and togetherness will steward the fund now and in the future - whether it is as a donor or beneficiary that someone interacts with the support fund, we will know that we can be a part of supporting others or our sporting community.  If we uphold this spirit, Atlasz will be a club where people will feel a sense of belonging and community - thereby reaching our association’s key goals.


Operation of the Lívia Pataki Memorial Fund

Although Atlasz Sports Club supports the fund with an annual donation of 20,000 Ft, we need the ongoing support of individuals as well. Anyone can offer their donation - details are listed at the support us weblink.
Donations received by the memorial fund are allocated among the beneficiaries, which are put towards the costs associated with training sessions of Atlasz Sports Club, sports camps and accommodation. Support can be obtained for any duration and we assess requests for support on an ongoing basis.
Once a decision has been reached for a support request, we draft a Support Agreement with the applicant, in which the conditions of receiving the support are articulated.

All applications are assessed within 15 business days, at which point we will advise applicants of the outcome.

Obtaining support

If you find yourself in a period of temporary financial hardship, or if you want to participate in our sports camps as a full-time student, and you find yourself unable to meet the costs, we kindly ask you to read the information below and complete the online request form.
Support can be requested for periods of 5, 10 or 15 training sessions, which should be utilised within 2, 4 or 5 calendar months.
Support is only available for currently operating training sessions on an hourly basis (support cannot be used for coaching sessions).

One training session or a maximum of 2,000 Ft/training session can be obtained.

Support for participation in the camps can be extended to cover the entire cost of the trainings at camps and 15% of accommodation costs.

General conditions for obtaining support:

  • at least 18 years of age;
  • over the last calendar year, applicant has been active participant for at least three months within our sports club;
  • as a full-time student, participation in our sports camps can be facilitated with showing a student identity card;
  • full completion of the registration form for the Lívia Pataki Memorial Fund;
  • signing the Support Agreement form and observation of its corresponding conditions.

Protocols for the assessment process for those seeking support

Applications are reviewed by each Atlasz section leader and endorsed in consultation with the other section leaders. Should there be a situation where a decision cannot be reached, the section leader related to the sport for which the applicant has requested support will cast two votes. To that end, it is ensured that an outcome will be reached with each assessment.
The Atlasz Association’s financial officer and other representatives generally do not form part of the assessment process, unless their participation is requested by the majority of divisional managers.

Obtaining support:

  • the beneficiary of any support must fully utilise the funds allocated within the timeframe reflected in the Support Agreement;
  • the beneficiary must also adhere to any additional or special conditions reflected in the Support Agreement.


For those that register for support, it’s important to note that Atlasz Sports Club adheres to non-disclosure of personal details to all third parties, unless any legal or regulatory change obliges the association to do so.

Transparency of donations and issuance of receipts

Atlasz considers it fundamental that any support received and corresponding sums are officially accounted for without delay. It is not the supported persons, but the Support Agreement reference number that is generated as evidence. The following table reflects the sum of the deposits and withdrawals from the fund.


2014.04.01 Donation (Atlasz SE) - 20,000 Ft
2014.04.25. Donation (individual) - 10,000 Ft
2014.04.28. Donation (individual) - 5,000 Ft
2014.04.28. Donation (individual) - 10,000 Ft
2014.04.29. Donation (individual) - 10,000 Ft
2014.05.05. Donation (individual) - 20,000 Ft
2014.05.13. Support 01-20140513 13,500 Ft
2014.07.25. Support 02-20140725 15,000 Ft
2014.08.03. Donation (Pool Party) - 18,000 Ft
2014.08.03. Donation (individual) - 500 Ft
2014.08.29. Donation (individual) - 1,500 Ft
2014.10.23. Donation (individual) - 2,800 Ft
2015.07.29. Donation (individual) - 2,000 Ft
2015.09.08. Donation (Pool Party) - 7,800 Ft
2015.09.08. Donation (Atlasz SE) - 20,000 Ft
2015.10.12 Support 03-20151012 13,500 Ft
2016.01.08 Donation (christmas party) - 15,000 Ft
2016.09.20 Donation (Pool Party) - 31,000 Ft
2016.09.20. Donation (Atlasz SE) - 20,000 Ft
2016.10.17. Support 04-20161017 8,000 Ft
2017.02.10. Donation (individual) - 250,000 Ft
Current balance of the fund: 393,600 Ft


















Many thanks for your support towards athletes in financial hardship!

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Bank account: Raiffeisen Bank Zrt. 
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