Discounts for  athletes who have Atlasz membership:
  • You can attend many  sections’ trainings cheaper; you can check the prices on the site of each section,
  • You can attend the Kék Lótusz Yoga Center’s yoga classes on Monday evenings with 10% discount
  • You can attend our Sports day and Rainbow Ball with a discount
  • You can attend our Sport Camps and on the Splash competition with a discount
  • You can attend every 10th training (for full time students and retired athletes every 5th) free of charge.

We support you if you take part in international LGBTQ sport tournaments as well. The donation is available once a year for those Atlasz members, who take part in international LGBTQ competitions (even if they don't get any medals), which means:

  • support of 30€ from the registration fee that you can use at any Atlasz training (expcept for the running section where the athletes can choose if the would like to get the grant in cash or they will use it at the training sessions), and
  • 2 pcs of Atlasz t-shirt or (in case of swimming) 1 pc of swimming suite, that you need to wear during the competition.
You can apply for the support on the link below:
The rightness of the requirment will be verify by the stearing committe and the treasurer. If they appove it the amount will be transfer to the sport group (or paid in cash in the case mentioned abouve to the bank account of the athlete) within 30 days after the appoval and the appplicants can take the t-shirts / swimming suites too.

Atlasz Sports Club
1111 Bp., Budafoki út 22.
Bank account: Raiffeisen Bank Zrt. 
TAX number: 18183722-1-43