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Atlasz Sports Camp Sopron
7-10 June, 2019
Could you take some rest after the sports day? :) We hope you enjoyed it and you can't hardly wait for doing some sports with us again. We have good news: you can already register to Atlasz Sports Camp Spring organised in Sopron. Date: 7-10 June, 2019 (Friday-Monday), on the weekend of the Pentecost. Location: Sopron.
Let's kick the ball, girls!
We start the girls' football trainings on 19th July
In the joint organisation of Atlasz Sports Club and Labrisz Association, regular football trainings for LBT+ women are going to be held. Come and join us if you like playing football and you would like to be a part of our community and of course if you would like to enjoy yourself. This is an ideal place for you if you would like to improve your football techniques or you would like to teach your favourite feinting tricks to others. The first training is free for everyone. Find more information about the application on our website:
Atlasz short films
Vote for us!
We are applying for a grant together with Civil Művek Közművelődési Egyesület to shoot short films about Atlasz. Why is it good doing sport in the community of Atlasz? What does Atlasz mean for us? Why is it crucial for an LGBTQ person to find an inclusive sports community? Short films about us for LGBTQ people. Vote for us in order to get the grant and shoot 4 videos that can help us to build our sports community. :) Click here Ever click counts!

Atlasz Sports Club
1111 Bp., Budafoki út 22.
Bank account: Raiffeisen Bank Zrt. 
TAX number: 18183722-1-43

The application of Atlas Sports Club SEQ ID NEA-MA-17-W-0982 received the support of the National Cooperation Fund.