Colorful sports life - exhibition in Kelet Cafe
Famous athletes who came out
It doesn't matter what's your religion, skin color, age or sexual orientation is. There is only one thing that is important: your performance. At least it should work in the sports life. We are intending to prove you that with our exhibition titled Colorful sports life, where you can get to know worldwide known athletes, who have reached an incredible success at sport, whilst they added a plus to the really colorful sports life in general by their coming out.
We support our competing athletes
We motivate our athletes to take part in international tournaments
We would like our athletes to represent Atlasz and Hungary World and Europe wide too. Therefore Atlasz team has decided to support you if you take part in sport tournaments.
Atlasz Sports Camp again
We are visiting Zagreb this spring
It's time to save into your calendar in order not to miss our second biggest program during the Spring: Atlasz Sports Camp, 18-21 May 2018, Zagreb
We award the sport
The most diligent athletes are wanted!
The most diligent athletes will receive precious gifts at Atlasz Christmas Dinner in December. Those athletes will be awarded who attend the training the most often in the 1st, 2nd semester and in the whole year as well. The real winner will be that one who visited the classes more oftener than the coach, Szilárd. :) Who will be the winner this year?
Atlasz Ski Camp again with VándorMások!
28 January - 2 February 2018 (Gasteinertal, Ausztria)
After skipping the ski camp this year we are organizing it again in 2018. We are going to the most elegant Ski Resort of Austria, to Gasteinertal. There are 3 bigger ski resorts available nearby (Bad Gastein, Großarltal-Dorfgastein, FlachauWagrain) with 86, 70, and 115 km long courts and some small ones (Sportgastein, Rauris, Kleinarl-Flachauwinkl) with 30 km long courts.
Come with us for a hiking tour on 1 November!
Extra 1-day-long hiking tour to the Bükk mountains
Itinerary: Répáshuta, János rét - Kis-kőháti nyereg - Három-kő - TAR-KŐ (950 m) - Toldi-kapu - Hárs-kút forrás - Török út - Kőkapu - Répáshuta, János-rét - Répáshuta. Length: 15 km. Level: 400 m. Shorting is possible: you can skip the last 3 km if you get tired. If there is enough time we will visit the cave houses of Cserepes-kő and "jungle" of Bükk as well. After arriving common dinner at Répáshuta in the Vadász Restaurant.
BANG - Budapest All Nations' Games
We’ve done it again!
Runners, badminton and squash players competed last weekend at BANG – Budapest All Nations’ Games. The 3rd tournament organized by the Atlasz Sports Club included a PINK tour this year, during which out of town visitors were treated to a walk around the city, led by a wonderful guide who focused on LGBTQ sites and history in Budapest.
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